International Office

Your studies abroad in Europe

You have the opportunity to study one or two semesters abroad at one of our partner universities within Europe. In doing so, you will advance your studies and at the same time gain valuable experience abroad.



The Erasmus programme of the DAAD can support you during your studies abroad in Europe by providing structured handling of your stay and financial assistance.


Further advantages:

  • You do not have to pay tuition fees for the 'reserved' places at our partner universities.
  • You receive a monthly grant from Erasmus.
  • The recognition of study modules is usually unproblematic.

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How do I proceed?


Choose a partner university cooperating with your department at which you would like to spend your studies abroad.


Tentatively register your intention with the International Office by submitting a declaration of intent

  • for a summer semester - by 1 September of the previous year
  • for a winter semester - by 1 March of the same year


If possible, you should also choose modules that fit your studies, usually in the amount of 30 ECTS per semester. Please note that some modules are only offered in the summer semester, others only in the winter semester.

Tip: It becomes especially easy if you choose an "Integrated Semester Abroad" (ready-made package incl. recognition).

Any other questions?

We will gladly answer these questions in our FAQ
You will also find your contact persons for various topics.