Entrance examination Studienkolleg

You can take the entrance examination for the Studienkolleg for each semester in Kaiserslautern or at one of our partner institutions abroad.



You can resit the entrance examination once. In order to do this you must complete a new online application

We do not accept entrance examinations from other Studienkollegs.


Passing the entrance examination as well as the confirmation of the offered study slot (see information sheet for the entrance examination) are required for participation in the courses of the Studienkolleg.

Examination subjects




60 minutes

40 minutes


knowledge at Abitur-equivalent level

knowledge of German at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER)


text exercises

cloze texts (C-test)


no aids allowed

no aids allowed


Prepare with online course

The Studienkolleg offers online courses to prepare for the entrance examination:

  • for technology course (T/TI)
  • for economics course (W/WW)

You will receive the login details on your admission.


Tip: In case of technical problems, use a different Internet browser.

Notes on entry

Once you have received the invitation to take the entrance examination you will need to apply for a visa for Germany at your relevant German foreign representation (embassy, consulate).

Reason for entry:

  • Study preparation
  • Visiting the Studienkolleg

Depending on the country, a visa can take several weeks or months to be issued.

The visa is initially valid for 3 months and can be converted into a longer residence permit after passing the entrance examination.