Overview of internal funding

Promoting education and research is a high priority for the Hochschule Kaiserslautern. In order to support the members of the university, there are many funding options available.

Around €495,000 per year is invested in four different funding schemes.

Funding of Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Name of GrantDate of provisionIssuing committeeFunding / Year (€)Recipient
Budget for Research and InnovationInvitations are sent by email to all professorsResearch CommitteeApprox. 240,000All teaching staff
Basic Materials GrantFebruary 28th of each yearMain Committee120,000 (minus the €5,000 per professorship paid out regularly)All newly appointed Professors of the Year
Quality in TeachingInvitations are sent by email to all university members (students and employees)Senate Committee for Quality and Teaching120,000All university members
Internationalisation FundsUntil 15.01.,31.05., and 30.09. each yearSenate Committee for InternationalisationApprox. 15,000All university members

More information on the funding sources

The internal Budget for Research and Innovation at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern serves as start-up financing for externally funded projects and can also be used to bridge the gap between two projects. It is primarily intended to enable newly appointed colleagues, or those with little experience in externally funded projects, to make a start in applied research. The aims include increasing the university’s external activities and eligibility for external funding, and the resulting improvements to the university’s image.

You can apply for funding for staff or material resources. There is a total of approximately €240,000 on offer each year. You can learn about the criteria in the guidelines. The application rounds are held internally each year, in August. The Research Committee makes recommendations on how to prioritize the applications submitted. Special attention will be paid to applications from new professors. No party is specifically entitled to receive funding. A year after the funding is issued, a report on how the funding was used and the status of the project must be submitted.

Guide to the Research Fund

Every new professor is given €5000 as “start capital” as part of their appointment. This grant is independent of the other subject-related funding and is intended for acquisition of a computer, books, licenses, etc. Evidence of how the funding was used must be submitted to the university management.

Professors can also apply for additional funding for basic materials. Each professor may be awarded up to €50,000. The application must take the form of a proposal (2 to 3 pages) that illustrates how the funding will be used to support education and research, as well as an oral presentation by the professor. The Main Committee decides how the funding will be allocated. The submission deadline is January 31st of each year. The funding may only be used to pay for material resources, not for staff resources. The ongoing costs for material resources must be covered by the faculty.

A total of €120,000 is available for this funding scheme each year. This fund is used both as “start-up capital” for professors and for further basic materials funding.

The Department for Quality in Learning and Teaching provides €120,000 twice a year. The Senate for Quality in Learning and Teaching (SQL) decides how to allocate the funding. Any members of the university who wish to realize innovative projects in the field of teaching may apply. The aim of the funding is to improve the quality of education at the university. For this purpose, project funds are tendered in different funding lines.

Another tip for applicants: check in advance to what extent the department or departments involved can contribute to the project costs.

Applications and templates for reporting are stored here on the intranet (up to and including 2020).

These funds are available to all university members for the strategic internationalisation of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences on the basis of the Internationalisation Strategy 2030. A distinction is made between the two areas "International mobil 2030" and "Internationalisiation@Home". Preference is given to non-European mobilities and European activities. The main evaluation criterion is the extent to which the quality of internationalisation is structurally improved.

Proof of co-financing through project or department funds or similar (usually in the amount of 50%) is required. The concrete projects can be submitted to the Senate Committee for Internationalisation three times a year by means of the "Application for Internationalisation Funds at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences". The maximum funding amount is 1,000 euros.

Download application for Internationalisation Funds (in German)

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