Senate committee of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern

The university’s basic rules stipulate five faculties. The Senate includes: the President as chair, 10 representatives for the professors, 5 representatives for the students, 3 representatives for the academic and non-research employees.

Advisory members include the Deans, provided that they have not already been elected as members, the Vice-President, the Chancellor, and the Senate’s Gender Equality Officer.

The current members in office are:


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmidt, President

Voting Members:

From the Professors’ group

  • Prof. Dr. Huber and Prof. Dr. Leiner (Faculty for Applied Engineering)
  • Prof. Dr. Peetz and Prof. Dr. Stumm (Faculty for Applied Logistics and Polymer Sciences)
  • Prof. Rutrecht and Prof. Dr. vom Ufer (Faculty for Construction and Design)
  • Prof. Dr. Kürble and Prof. Dr. Pohl (Faculty for Business Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Brill and Prof. Dr. Ingebrandt (Faculty for Computer Science and Microsystems Technology)

From the Students’ group

  • Viktor Koslow (Faculty for Applied Engineering) 
  • Johannes Cammisar (Faculty for Construction and Design)
  • Thomas Ammann (Faculty for Business Studies)
  • Felix-Marcel Petermann (Faculty for Computer Science and Microsystems)

From the Technical and Administrative Assistants and Employees’ group

  • Noemi Donner (Kaiserslautern campus)
  • Christian Schwarz (Pirmasens campus)
  • Carsten Kremb (Zweibrücken campus)

Advisory Members

  • Andrea Stippler (Faculty for Applied Logistics and Polymer Sciences)
  • Mr. Becker, Chancellor
  • Prof. Dr. Monz-Lüdecke, central Gender Equality Officer

Deans of the Faculties

  • Prof. Dr. Reiner, Applied Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Lang, Construction and Design