International Office

Your guest lectureship at an international university

Expand the range of courses at one of our partner universities with your lecture and get to know new colleagues. Your advantages: You can exchange information about new teaching-learning methods and network internationally.


How do I proceed?

  • The International Office will be happy to advise you on your project, on funding opportunities and will help you to establish contacts.
  • Choose an interesting partner university.
  • Register your Erasmus mobility with your IO at least 4 weeks before the planned start date. Please refer to the detailed schedule for the next steps.

What funding opportunities are there?

The International Office can subsidise guest lectures at Erasmus partner universities with nationally determined rates of support, so-called flat rates for accommodation and travelexpenses. The amount of the Erasmus grant depends on

  • from the country of destination
  • the amount of the university's annual Erasmus budget
  • the demand from all faculties of the university.

Prerequisites for funding: You will hold at least 8 hours of classes on at least two working days at the partner university.

To apply for Erasmus funding, please refer to the schedule

In the spirit of "train instead of flight", travel by more sustainable means of transport is also encouraged. Feel free to ask the International Office about this.

You can calculate your "ecological footprint" here

Further funding opportunities for guest lecturers can be found at DAAD (in German)