What are my benefits?

A KOSMO study course is geared towards students who wish to gain practical experience in a company early on, or those who wish to achieve professional development within your company. The Hochschule Kaiserslautern sees itself as a regionally rooted university, and as such, KOSMO focuses especially on local companies within a 100km radius of each of the campuses - even across state borders in the wider region. Of course, some cooperations are entered into with supra-regional companies.

In a cooperative/dual study course, the demands for your own abilities in time management and self-organization are much higher, as are the demands for your dedication and commitment. To aid in this, KOSMO students have the option to participate in workshops on time management and self-organization before starting their studies.

As a cooperative study course student, if you are able to successfully reconcile your academic responsibilities, your duties within the company, and your free time, you will reap the benefits of high practical relevance and will have the opportunity to combine theory and practice in an intensive way. KOSMO students perceive the most substantial benefit to be that they can learn things that are important to their studies while working, whereas their peers will be doing jobs that have nothing to do with their studies. Furthermore, there is a high probability of being offered a job within the company after you have graduated.


You won’t need to look for a company with which to complete your pre-study internship, practical phases, and Bachelor thesis, therefore it is often much less complicated to organize these aspects when studying a cooperative/dual study course than with a traditional course of study.
You will be paid a monthly wage throughout the entire study period.