How do I apply?

In principle, applying for a cooperative study course is no different than applying for a traditional study course.The application comprises the following basic components: Letter of motivation, résumé with photo, documents such as references, certificates, etc. If possible, international students should complete the application in German.

Your letter of motivation should answer the following questions:

  • Why do I want to study this subject? 
  • Why do I want to pursue a cooperative/dual study course? 
  • What will I contribute to the company? 
  • Why do I want to work for this company? 

The letter of motivation should be tailored to each individual company you are applying to. Standard, non-specific cover letters are often weeded out.

Your résumé should have no gaps and be clearly structured. It contains the most important personal information, such as address, contact information, schools attended, internships completed, and employment experience. After that, you can provide information on your knowledge and interests.

You will be best off having the application photo taken professionally. You can either include it on the right-hand side of your résumé or on the cover page, if you have one. Make sure you are dressed appropriately in a smart (collared) shirt with a suitable neckline and without any bold patterns.

If you are already a student at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern, you have the option to get comprehensive information on the topic of applications at the library.

Where should I apply first?

With the university, you have two options. For one, you can look for the partner company first and then enroll at the university.

Alternatively, you can enroll first, and then have the option to find a partner company up until the 4th semester.

When is the application period?

The application period is different for each company. You can usually begin applying around 1.5 years before your intend to start the course. The rule of thumb is that the larger the company is, the longer the decision-making process will be. However, there have been cases of students finding their partner company within 14 days. The current record for the shortest time looking for a partner company is two days. However, it is still advisable to start early so that you can organize your application properly.

What do companies look at?

Good grades are always useful in life. There are some companies that require certain grades in certain subjects, such as mathematics or physics. In any case, personal commitment and a keen interest in the topic are also important factors. There are definitely KOSMO students with somewhat mediocre grades who have found a partner company. They were able to convince the company thanks to their personal attributes. The following has been confirmed by testimonies from long-time KOSMO partners: Grades are a criterion in selecting suitable candidates, however personal attributes and work experience are of equal importance. For companies, KOSMO is a model for promoting the next generation of employees. The aim is for you to maintain a long-term relationship with the company after you graduate. You should bear this in mind when choosing your KOSMO partner company. International students must communicate clearly to the company that they would like to stay in Germany for the long term.

How do I apply to a company that knows nothing about KOSMO?

Here, it would be advisable to send a general application with a page about KOSMO attached. On this page, you can explain in detail what KOSMO is, what is beneficial about this kind of study model, and who the contact persons at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern would be.