Proof of health insurance

enrolment without health insurance is not possible.

You must request proof of insurance from your health insurance company before enrolment. If you are not legally insured, request proof of insurance from any statutory health insurance company.

•             the proof of insurance is transferred digitally from the health insurance company to the university, usually by the next working day.

•             the assignment is made via your personal information and, if applicable, insurance number; missing or deviating data will be transferred. The university will take over your data as they are specifiedin the insurance company.

•             If more than one working day has passed since the application to the insurance company, but you cannot find your data here, the data could not be tranmitted. In this case, check whether you have  entered the correct university "Hochschule Kaiserslautern" at the health insurance company, whether your personal  information on name, date of birth and gender match the information provided to the health insurance company and, if necessary, whether your insurance number is correct.

•             If there are deviations, please contact the Studierendensekretariat first for clarification and then, if necessary, the health insurance company in order to enable timely enrolment.

Bei weiteren Fragen

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei weiteren Fragen an das jeweilige Studierendensekretariat