Development of optimized controls of hydraulic systems in building services engineering to increase the energy efficiency of heating and air-conditioning systems.

Subproject: Cloud covering several buildings

In building services engineering, the generation and distribution of heat and cooling is an important factor. The systems used for this purpose have a comparable structure regardless of whether the building is used as a residential, office or industrial building. Depending on the type and size of the building to be supplied, the dimensions of the individual components and the topology used for distribution are different. Two central points can be identified here: On the one hand, the efficient generation of heat or cooling in a boiler or cooling unit and, on the other hand, the efficient and demand-based supply and distribution of the heating/cooling medium.
The subject of this project is the last mentioned point, the supply and distribution of heat and cooling in buildings. In contrast to a focus on the further development of the circulation pumps required for these processes, in particular the control technology used there, this project focuses on building systems technology and thus on the complete system. Further potential for energy saving can be achieved in particular by optimising the system completely. Starting points for the optimization of the whole system result in the following directions:
Extension of the control task at building system level, integration into a building-related or a building-spanning cloud, optimized integration of the pump control into building control system, derivation of standardized communication interfaces down to field level and analysis of security concepts of networked heating and air-conditioning cycles.