What to do before you leave

  • Once you have received your signed Learning Agreement you can apply for a student visa (Visa for Educational Purposes – if you are a NON-EU-Citizen)
  • Plan your travels and book your flight (after obtaining your visa)
  • Buy medication if needed (exchange students for the whole stay in Germany)
  • Apply for a credit/debit card
  • Pay all fees, e.g. the semester-fee (fee for student union and social fee)
  • Inform the International Office or your designated student guide (see mail with contactdata) of your arrival day and time: IO(aT)hs-kl.de, John.Bui(aT)hs-kl.de

What you need to bring with you

  • Passport, valid for the entire stay in Germany (plus 6 months for students from overseas); EU citizens and students from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland need their ID card
  • Student Visa if needed
  • Your signed Learning Agreement from University of Applied Sciences and all required documents (proof of health insurance and proof of language competence)

Additional things to bring with you

  • Vaccination report
  • International drivers‘ license or a notarized translation of your national drivers‘ license
  • Additional travel documents (plane tickets)
  • Confirmation of reservation of the student’s residence
  • Credit card
  • Information of all of your medication in English
  • Important telephone numbers: bank, credit card, emergency contact
  • Two copies of important documents (passport, plane tickets …) – one set of copies stays at home, one travels with you
  • Clothing: German winter temperatures easily go below freezing. So don’t forget warm winter jackets