Qualification goals

Graduates of the international Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics possess a comprehensive foundation in engineering sciences in relation to mechanical engineering and mechatronic systems, have expanded upon their technical knowledge, and have improved their language skills in English and/or German. They are in the position to consider questions related to mechanical engineering and mechatronics in a wider context, in order to create end-to-end, interdisciplinary solutions, to analyze and independently create solutions that consider economic, social, and inter-cultural factors. They are able to expertly apply their knowledge, skills, and competencies in a professional environment.

In principle, graduates who have completed an application-oriented course of study will be able to independently engage with and take a methodical approach to a current, application-oriented engineering-related topic in the field of mechanical engineering / mechatronics, with a view to the overall state of current technology. This can involve an experiment and/or simulation and must demonstrate a practically-oriented approach to creating a solution. They are especially well prepared to engage with the practical needs of the professional world, and to consider those needs in applying the subject-specific knowledge and skills they have obtained in order to deal with familiar and unfamiliar issues.

In principle, graduates who have completed a research-oriented course of study are especially well prepared for conducting independent, goal-oriented research tasks, be it in an experimental or a simulative sense, based on scientific research methods and strategies, and to implement their scientific approach in a wide range of other subject areas. Based on well-founded knowledge of the current state of technology, they can incorporate recent engineering research findings in the field of mechanical engineering / mechatronics, compare approaches to a solution, and use this as a basis for independently developing new or optimized solutions to complex problems.