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Self-study German - Your online course

International students at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences are offered a digital learning programme in the area of German as a foreign language here so that they can improve their language skills independently.

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Current Programme

We have a special offer for our international students in China this semester. All students of the Chinese-German College for Intelligent Production are invited to participate in an online language training for German as a Foreign Language. We will meet once per week (90 mins)  and give you plenty of room to develop your German speaking skills. Mainly, you will have the opportunity to discuss given themes with your fellow students. In addition to that, we will practice grammar, do short exercices, and play language games.

Date: Mondays, starting on May 30, 2022
Time:  8:30 am - 10:00 am (German time) / 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm (Chinese Standard Time, CST)
Location: Zoom (You will receive a link for the virtual meeting after registration).

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/104427763991484


After many requests, we are now also able to offer you an intensive language training for the A2 level. 

 You want to:

- understand the next basics of German grammar
- practice speaking with useful phrases in daily (student) life
- learn more important vocabulary for relevant topics
- actively participate in interesting and modern German lessons

Then this intensive training A2 is just right for you. You can also make suggestions of what should be practiced. Our highly qualified teacher for German as a foreign language is looking forward to teaching you!

Language trainer: Mr. Arkadiusz Paszkiewicz

(No final exam, certificate of attendance possible)

Date: (5 Saturdays) May 21 - June 25, 2022 (NOT on Sat, June 4)
Time: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm CEST 
Location: Zoom (you will receive a Zoom link upon registration)

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/105677474224322

Nearly in the middle of the semester, we are now offering you another chance to attend a second intensive training course at the intermediate level. Here you can refresh and expand your knowledge of German.

You want to:

- train intermediate level grammar topics (again) in a focused and hands-on way
- practice more speaking for real-life situations
- expand your vocabulary on relevant topics (e.g. leisure time, living & studying in Germany, cultural differences, talking about your home country, presentation language,...)?
- actively participate in interesting, diverse and modern German lessons?

Then this intensive B1/B2 training is just right for you. You can also make suggestions of what could be practiced.
This training is conducted by a highly qualified teacher of German as a foreign language.

Language trainer: Mrs. Violetta Naumenko

(No final exam, certificate of attendance possible)

Date: (5 Saturdays) May 21 - June 25, 2022 (NOT on Sat, June 4)
Time: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm CEST 
Location: Zoom (you will receive a Zoom link upon registration)

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/105677437389921 

Language practice, grammar, cooperative learning and speaking with each other.

This intensive course offers you the opportunity to refresh and expand your existing German language skills. I will gladly consider your wishes as to what you would like to repeat.

Trainer: Mrs. Gunda Heck


Dates: March 21, 23 - 25, 2022.
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:45 pm (CET) each day
Location: Zoom (You will receive a Zoom link for the virtual meetings)

(UPDATE: March 19, 2022 - This language training is already completely booked. If there is a waiting list after the first session, we will update this here).



Day 1: Monday, March 21, 2022, 1:30-3:45 pm

*** No language training on Tuesday, March 22, 2022! ***

Day 2: Wednesday, 23 March 2022,  1:30-3:45 pm
Day 3: Thursday, March 24, 2022,  1:30-3:45 pm
Day 4: Friday, March 25, 2022,  1:30-3:45 pm

As your German language coach, I would like to welcome all of you as new international students at our Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and explain to you how I can support you in learning German and finding your way around life in Germany.

I'm sure you want to know what a German language coach does and why you should check our website and your emails regularly for more information. Then you wouldn't want to miss this event: You will get all the important information about what we are offering this semester and how I as a language coach can help you learn German (e.g. individual counseling, learning strategies, recommended materials). I can also support you in getting settled in at our Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences (incl. Pirmasens and Zweibrücken) as well as in your new surroundings. I will be happy to give you helpful tips & tricks for your stay in Germany, no matter if you are here for only a few months or for your whole studies: Just drop by this welcome event, it is definitely worth coming!

Host & German language coach: Ms. Nuquangdala Namingha


Date: Wednesday, 31.03.2022
Time: 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm
Location: Zoom (You will receive a link for the virtual meeting after you register).

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/104427622476340

Now that you are here in Germany, you are up for learning some German, too?
Great! If you're a newbie to the German language, you have come to the right place - Willkommen! In this weekly beginner's training (2 interchangeable groups, Mondays and Tuesdays), you will be given all the essentials you need for getting by in daily life? 

Learn how to...
-  introduce yourself to new friends and university staff,
-  explain to a doctor how you feel,
-  how to order that large tasty pizza
and much more... 

Your German language trainer Mrs. Schneider will be more than happy to guide you as your highly experienced teacher for German as a foreign language. To consolidate what you've learned or check if you're knowledge is on A1-Level, we've created an online assessment test for you.


Trainer: Mrs. Grażyna Schneider (M. A., teacher for German as a Foreign Language & German as a Second Language).

In her work as a German foreign/second language teacher with many years of professional experience, Mrs. Schneider attaches great importance to keeping up to date in didactics and education. In her teaching, she uses adequate, learner- and practice-oriented methods, social forms, and materials. She motivates her learners to learn German, and inspires them with enthusiasm for German culture. In addition to extensive subject knowledge, she demonstrates a high level of intercultural competence.


Note: This training is ideal for beginners without German language experience or with very little previous knowledge, as we are starting at the very beginning.
There will be two groups, in which the same content is covered. For registration, please only choose one of the two groups. For regular participation in this training you will receive a certificate of attendance.

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/104427762947928

Date: Weekly from Monday, April 4, 2022
Time: 3:00 pm  – 4:30 pm
Place: Zoom (You will receive a link for the virtual meeting.)


Group 2: 
Date: Weekly from Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Time: 3:00 pm  – 4:30 pm
Place: Zoom (You will receive a link for the virtual meeting.)

It is great to be able to read and write everything in a foreign language, but speaking a language requires a very good grasp of grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure - and to be able to use it instantly. Talking in a foreign language is not easy, which is why we have developed a training programme specifically on communication skills. We will focus on various communication situations, including presentations and debates.

Be prepared to speak a lot in our meetings, but don’t be afraid: There will be no grades, just opportunities to improve. And to have fun, of course.

Please note:
This offer is for advanced students only (You should already have a language level of B2 or better; if you are not sure about your language level, please contact us.

Trainer: Mrs Sabine Colbus

Date: Weekly from March 30, 2022 (Wednesdays)
: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Location: Online (you will receive a Zoom link upon registration).

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/103382417832456

Studies, part-time job, hobbies, the last good movie you saw: Whatever interests you, you can talk about it here. Our "Stammtisch Deutsch" is your opportunity to talk spontaneously with other German learners and fellow students. As a German language coach, I will be happy to give you various helpful language tips and introduce you to entertaining language games. Join us to practice your speaking skills and to meet new people!


Date: March 31 - April 28, 2022
Time: 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 
Location: Campus Kammgarn (Room E1.006, Building E)

     >>> from May 12th every 2 weeks on site (Campus Kammgarn / in Kaiserslautern)

Date: from 05. May 2022 (weekly dates)
Time: 18:00 - 19:30
Location: Zoom (link after registration)

REGISTRATION: https://olat.vcrp.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3654517105/CourseNode/103382422406578


You also have the option of attending open consultation of the German language coach if you have specific, language-related questions.

This term we are in the position to offer you both in-person, as well as online support. You can simply drop into the online session or come along to the language coaches' office during consultation times.

Wednesdays: 2:00pm - 3:00pm (online)

Thursdays: 10:00am - 11:00am (Turmzimmer, Campus Kammgarn)

If these times do not suit you, please get in touch with me via email and we will try to find a suitable slot!

You can find more information here: contact